$14 Easy Affordable Snack Board

Charcuterie boards, candy boards and everything in between is all the rage now. And I'm not mad about it! I love them. From exquisite imported cheeses, international meats, entertainment crackers and specialty chocolates the best boards are full of the grandest food choices. But what about childhood snacks? Somedays we just want a big handful of Carmel nut popcorn or circus iced animal crackers. As I walked into Dollar Tree, I was flooded with the idea to make a snack board.

All the food in these pictures is from Dollar Tree. I spent $14 and made the perfect snack display for your weekend movie night. I know your kids or even yourself will enjoy it!

Do you have a wooden cutting board? It's a "must-have" in the kitchen. You can cut, carve and display with it! This one is linked below. Also, these wooden bowls are the perfect size for serving and dinner. I used white ramekins for the nuts, salsa and candies. All of the serving items in this picture are versatile. Shop the links below! And guess what, they are PRIME! Which means, you can have everything ready for a snack board before this weekend! I know your family will thank me.


If you want to see how to display the items, check out the live video by clicking on the link. It's so easy! https://www.facebook.com/chicinteriorsbymaci/videos/309771030263445

Click the links and shop these items below:


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Happy Entertaining!

Maci P.

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